Category: ICO

Stratis ICO Platform Release

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the Stratis ICO Platform. The ICO Platform is feature rich and enables users to deploy an ICO within minutes via the ‘Deploy to Azure’ button. Features of the Stratis ICO Platform include: • A highly customizable design, which enables you to ensure the ICO site conforms…

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Beyond Global Trade Engagement

Today we are excited to announce an engagement with Beyond Global Trade. Beyond Global Trade operates under Beyond Manufacturing, a well-established manufacturing organization with a global distribution network, focused on providing simple and efficient solutions to their clients. Beyond Global Trade have a presence in China, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA. Over the years they…

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Stratis Test ICO

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the ‘Stratis Test ICO’ which utilizes the Stratis ICO platform. The Stratis ICO Platform is a secure, customizable platform for you to host your own ICO’s on the Stratis Blockchain Network. It has been developed from the ground up in C# and .NET Framework and is…

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