The Stratis Token
Sparking the new, versatile economy

Send and receive tokens, secure the blockchain and get rewarded by our proof of stake network.

Staking Wallet

When diving into the world of STRAT, this wallet is perfect to get you started. Send, receive or stake your coins. Always make sure you download the latest release from a trusted source like our very own GitHub account.

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Stratis Electrum

Syncing a blockchain can be time-consuming depending on your internet connection and other factors. If you just want to send and receive, then our Electrum client is just for you. Blazing fast and ready to receive in seconds.

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Coin control? Staking? Passphrase? If you’re not sure where to get started, we offer this handy guide that explains how to use your new wallet in detail. From encrypting to creating addresses, this PDF covers everything.

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STRAT is issued at a rate of 1 token per block – every 60 seconds. An incentive users receive when they secure our POS-based network by staking their coins.

Staking On Your Raspberry Pi

Starting as a community contribution, this comprehensive yet easy to follow guide gets you staking on a Raspberry Pi in a few simple steps. Help secure the network and receive your share in return, all running smoothly on a very low-footprint device.

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