Over the weekend we faced an issue with the staking features of $STRAT. We have worked diligently and taken precautionary measures to protect the network and investors. We have localized and corrected a code misconfiguration that caused the issue and have distributed the required updates through the Stratis ecosystem. We want to thank you for your understanding of the situation, and assure you no funds have been compromised and that our network is as stable as ever.

What should users do?

Update your wallet to v2.0.0.1
This new wallet version ( corrects code issues on the staking functionality of Stratis.

This wallet will overwrite your existing wallet version.

This is a good time to take another backup of your wallet.dat file for safe keeping (Not required but backing up your wallet regularly is always recommended )

We strongly advise you to only download from official links provided by Stratis and through official Open Source repository on Github. General information about Stratis wallet can be found here.

What should exchanges, wallet services, etc. do?

By now you should have received an update notice from our team. If you haven’t please contact us via our Slack channel.

Thanks for Your Support!

We want to thank you for your understanding and support during these demanding times. We are learning from these experiences how to improve our processes and our products, so that potential incidents are always minimized.