The Stratis Academy
Powering professional growth

We offer tools and support from our programmers and developers to help you succeed in your Stratis blockchain project implementation.


Training: training materials, webinars, etc.
Mentorship: one on one support from core devs
Certification: different levels
Code, tools (e.g. Azure, etc), documentation

Coming Soon!


Events and  competitions provide a unique opportunity to get exposure and earn incentive tokens. We are conducting the 1st Stratis Hackathon in 2017. This is a great opportunity to gain hands on experience and leave your mark on the Stratis blockchain.

Stratis Hackathon


We offer extensive documentation, code samples and reference implementations to help you get started. Additionally, we offer support to help you test your solution on our test environment, together with the guidance from our Stratis blockchain experts.


The Stratis cryptographic token ($STRAT) combines the proven security consensus of Bitcoin,  with the latest advancements in blockchain technology.

Stratis Academy Certification Program

The Stratis Academy Program is an IP technology and education program to help developers around the world prepare for high-demand blockchain projects in different industries. By providing training material, mentoring and testing infrastructure, we seek to introduce the basics and knowledge of modern blockchain technology, implementation, and best practices.

Expected to be open to the public on Q2 2017 the primary elements of the Stratis Academy will include:

Course content on Stratis blockchain technologies
Course lecture material and guides for the Stratis certification (SCP) program
Training and certification resources for trainers
Access to Stratis training material, platforms, and consultation
Student access to lab facilities hosted by Stratis
Promotion and public relations support for participants: Stratis MVP and Stratis Ambassadors