Take your business to new heights by launching bespoke blockchains using Stratis Sidechains.

Stratis Sidechains allow companies and individuals to create bespoke, personalized blockchains. This includes the sidechain’s own unique currency, which can be used to provide the gas for smart contracts. STRAT can be exchanged for the sidechain currency using a deposit-withdrawal system.

The Stratis Academy offers a detailed explanation of what a sidechain is, and uses our reference sidechain, which is a federated sidechain solution, as an example.


Customize your blockchain: Stratis Sidechains allow you to modify key characteristics of the blockchain such as the block interval.

Maximise smart contract scalability, security, and performance: Firstly, Stratis Sidechains prevent any “smart contract bloat” of the main Stratis blockchain, and secondly, they quarantine any adverse effects that occur when smart contracts are running. In addition, a sidechain’s parameters can be tuned to optimize performance for the kinds of transactions which are going to run on it.

Fund a sidechain token using a federated model: Sidechain tokens are pegged to the STRAT and cross-chain transactions are easy and secure.

Maintain independence from the Stratis blockchain but keep its development benefits: Stratis Sidechains allow for innovation without fragmenting the codebase.

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