The Stratis Identity
Secure blockchain identity management

Secure, attested and immutable identity registration, verification and sharing with Stratis Blockchain Solutions.

Fast onboarding

Sign up to Stratis Identity using your existing social logins. Currently supported providers include Microsoft, LinkedIn and Google. More sign up options are already in development.

Secure design

Proof of the information you confirmed with a social login provider like Microsoft will be written to The Stratis Blockchain. No actual information will be exposed without your explicit permission.

Versatile options

Once signed up, you have your unique and permanent Stratis Blockchain ID with you at all times. You can choose to add additional attestations to it or share your digital identity with others.

Developing with Stratis Blockchain Solutions

Built with enterprise developers in mind

Deploying C# and Xamarin

Stratis Identity is written entirely in C# – using Visual Studio & Xamarin – and shows the power of developing with Stratis Blockchain Solutions.

Reduce your learning curve and time to market using the Stratis Platform.

Leveraging Microsoft’s newest enterprise solutions

Using Azure B2C Active Directory, Graph API, Application Insights, Microsoft Teams and Visual Studio Team Services helped us reduce our development cycle drastically.

Embed our solutions into your existing C# environment for a seamless experience.

Agile deployment of blockchain solutions

Enable your software to interact with the Stratis Blockchain and integrate with 3rd party providers, quickly and easily.

Leverage Xamarin to produce native apps – directly from your C# code.

Open source, open code

Give us a visit on our Stratis Identity GitHub repo and learn how we make blockchain come alive.

Enterprise-level integrations

Stratis Identity Solutions for your business

Document attestations & checks

Prove validity of the document once. After that share the attestation, not the document itself. Reduce time for business processes and avoid exposing customer data.

Company ledgers

Create a public, immutable record of company data, but provide layered, permissioned access to actual information.

Know your customer

Avoid repeated and redundant KYC procedures or credit checks. Rather than exposing the results and underlying, personal data, share the meta-data.

Stratis Identity is now in open Beta for Android

Get the app and secure your very own Stratis Identity today

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