Stratis Full Node Mainnet Beta Release

Our team is very excited to announce the beta release of our Full Node for Mainnet.
The Full Node is a key part of our blockchain ecosystem and this beta release represents a significant milestone. We have focused on ensuring our software is more functional, stable and performant.

This node includes the latest improvements which are listed below:

Improved detailed logging
Improved configuration
Move to asynchronous approach
Adding a CLI project
Resolution of race conditions
Increased code documentation
Increased test coverage

Complete refactoring of the P2P code:
Resolution of memory leaks
P2P code is completely asynchronous
Peer discovery improvements
Address database moved to JSON files
Introduction of peer banning
Improved code abstraction
New logic for time syncing between peers

Resolution of reorg issues
Improved transaction broadcasting
Resolved concurrency issues in the wallet
Wallet optimised to handle larger number of transactions
Support for staking

Improved consensus validation flow
Improved block downloading flow
Introduction of a Rules Engine
Migration of consensus logic to rules
Removal of unused POSv2 validation
Enhanced block and transaction relay

Staking on multiple threads
Improved algorithm of splitting stake outputs

Introduction of additional endpoints
Introduction of SwaggerUI
Controllers discoverable by features

New features:
Watch-only wallet
DNS crawler
Azure Indexer

This is a beta release, therefore, please use the staking feature with caution.

Please help us by reporting any issues you may find:

Slack: #fullnode_support channel