Stratis on Poloniex, Ledger and beyond (Stratis Weekly #10)



Stratis on Polo

Stratis project gets validated once more by receiving approval to be listed in one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges. Now traders and investors can acquire Stratis in the Poloniex Exchange website:

We are also in discussions with Yuanbao! and we are hoping to make them our first Chinese exchange. We will be reaching out to Shapeshift, Exodus and some of the other high volume exchanges over the next few days as well.

Ledger Wallet to support Stratis

We have received confirmation from Ledger’s CTO that the group is currently working to integrate Stratis into their products (


Ledger Nano is a Bitcoin wallet on a smartcard device, small format and low weight. Comfortable and simple to use, you connect it directly to a USB port to manage your account, protect your bitcoins and make safe payments.

There will be a limited edition of Stratis branded Ledger, which we plan to make available in early 2017.

Stratis at the London Blockchain Expo

As part of our marketing efforts for 2017 we have made arrangements to participate in several blockchain related events around the world. We are pleased to confirmed we have secured an exhibitor spot at the London Blockchain expo ( Jan 23-24). Please stop by booth # 312 and say hi to our team and fellow community members, while you learn how Stratis makes blockchain simple to everyone.

Stratis Video Production

We have started the process of production for a series of informative videos about Stratis technology. Initially, we will produce three videos to cover the main areas of interest: 1) Stratis Enterprise 2) Stratis Token 3) Stratis Academy. we are starting with Stratis Enterprise , which will serve as a template for the rest of the productions. We want to invite community members to join our Slack channel #promotional-video to learn the details and actively participate. We have set up to 5000 STRAT in a bounty fund to reward those whose ideas are included in our final production.Our community member @myco has kindly volunteered to help us coordinate and manage the process. Our resident artist @dlow, who also happens to be an exceptional animator, will be tasked with the final production.


Azure Indexer

We are currently testing our development of the Azure Indexer for Stratis. This fault tolerant and scalable block chain indexer will permit you to ask for blocks, transaction, and address balances with a simple API. By leveraging Azure, nStratis and QBitNinja we expect to be able to support low latency, high frequency transactions of unprecedented scale.

You can access the project documentation here:



Our nStratis project leader,  Nicolas Dorier, has just released his implementation of Tumblebit  in .NET Core: NTumblebit. It is  defined as an Untrusted Stratis-Compatible Anonymous Payment Hub. NTumblebit can be used both as a classic tumbler or as a payment hub. NTumbleBit will be the first production implementation of the TumbleBit protocol.

Features / Advantages

Increased privacy:  unlinkability within payment phase

Fast and Scalable: payments confirmed in seconds, regardless of volume of transactions

Untrusted: you don’t need to trust your coins to a third party.

Scalable: payments are processed offchain for faster performance

Ethan Heilman the creator of the TumbleBit protocol and Cryptography expert reached out to us via Nicolas Dorier. He suggested some very innovative changes that we could make to TumbleBit for Stratis. So, we are expecting NTumblebit to become a valuable addition to our product offering going forward.

For details of the project:

Finally we would like to issue some reminders:
If you aren’t already a member of our community on Slack we would love you to join us:
Don’t forget to upgrade your Stratis Wallet to v2.0.0.1. This update prevents older clients from connecting to the network. Download it from this link:
Lastly, if you still have unclaimed Stratis coins, now is the time to claim them.

That’s it for this week,

Happy Holidays to you all and the best for this season to all our Stratis followers.

Stay tuned.