Developers Update (Stratis Weekly #8)

Our developers have been working so hard and so fast on the nStratis project that it’s often difficult to keep on top of the latest news, so this week we have made a special effort to bring you a snapshot of what is happening under the hood of nStratis, right now.

Visual block explorer
Great news – our visual block explorer is within reach. Just two tasks stand between us and having a simple user interface that will enable users/corporations to interrogate the Stratis blockchain: 1, fork the Azure blockchain indexer and 2, see to QbitNinja. Once completed, we will have an official visual block explorer and API that should be able to support up to 20,000 requests per second!

Full Node Update from Nicolas Dorier

For Stratis full node, the consensus code is done. There are two further things that need to be done that I will focus on: downloading from the network – not from a single node peer, and the RPC Server. I’ve worked quite a lots with ASP.NET core on TumbleBit, so it should be easy.

For NTumbleBit: I coded all the logic for puzzle promise and puzzle solver. What is needed now is to do the TumblerServer. This is well on the way and I don’t expect much difficulty in getting it finished.

You can read more about The NTumbleBit project in our recent blog post ‘Anonymous Transactions Coming to Stratis’ that can be found here. In a nutshell, TumbleBit is a new anonymous payment protocol that aims to solve two of the major challenges faced by Bitcoin, scaling Bitcoin to keep up with the increasing demand, and protecting the privacy of payments made via Bitcoin. According to Nicholas TumbleBit will likely be the first off-chain payment system to reach mainstream adoption. We are pleased therefore to be making steps towards adopting this technology into nStratis.

nStratis is Hackathon-ready

We are happy to report that nStratis is now in a ready state for the hackathon. The consensus code for Stratis’ full node is complete and has passed it’s checks. nStratis also supports netstandard (for netcore and cross platform) and has a published and ready to use nuget package. We are using the nStratis nuget package with the netcore project [name of the Minter] to download the blockchain and will be using it to build and broadcast POS blocks to the network.

NBitcoin Update from Nicolas Dorier

Regarding NBitcoin: I’ve just removed dependency to System.Numerics and allowed compilation without Newtonsoft. This basically means that it now theoretically works on Unity. I also coded a bunch of JsonConverter out of the box for serializing to Json – the most commonly used class in NBitcoin.

Hello new logo!

We are excited to officially reveal our new logo to you today. The Stratis brand is currently undergoing a complete face-lift that will include a brand new website. This is necessary in order to be ready for the commercial market. We will be shedding our startup skin between now and the new year and this is the first of our grand reveals. We hope you like it and look forward to bringing you more updates in due course.

Stratis at the Olympia

Stratis will be making an appearance at The Olympia in London for the Blockchain Expo on January 23-24. The theme for the event is ‘Unlocking the Internet of Value’. This will be our first official public appearance so we are taking up a booth, giving us the opportunity to showcase the company to some 1500+ attendees. Confirmed attendees include many mainstream banks, great press contacts as well as some familiar faces from the bitcoin and blockchain startup scene. It should be a really positive experience. Tickets to the expo hall are free so if you are in the area why not stop by and say hello?

Finally we would like to issue some reminders:
If you aren’t already a member of our community on Slack we would love you to join us:
Don’t forget to upgrade your Stratis Wallet to v2.0.0.1. This update prevents older clients from connecting to the network. Download it from this link:
Lastly, if you still have unclaimed Stratis coins, now is the time to claim them.

That’s it for this week,

Stay tuned.