Stratis CEO Talks Value (Stratis Weekly #2)

The Stratis Platform is designed to make the development, testing and deployment of Blockchain applications easier, faster and more affordable. An initial successful run after the ICO left many wondering what’s so special about Stratis and what opportunities investors are seeing that make it so attractive? We sat with Stratis project leader and CEO, Chris Trew,  to discuss his views about where he sees the value of Stratis. Here is what he had to say:

Where Do you see Value in Stratis?

That’s a good question and there are several answers, depending on your perspective.

Probably the most obvious answer is that it has Technical Value. By developing Stratis in C# .NET we are opening a door onto one of the largest development communities for business line apps. Stratis will bring blockchain development out into the open making it accessible to the wider developer community where hopefully, it will become a household name. You won’t need to have any experience making blockchains to be able to get started. Then of course, our lead Framework Developer, Nicolas Dorier, brings exceptional technical expertise to the project, having already put serious time and effort into the Nbitcoin protocol on which Stratis is built. NBitcoin replicates the security and consensus model of Bitcoin giving it value above and beyond other blockchain development platforms. It preserves the most valuable features of blockchain technology, its distributed, decentralised and immutable nature but still allowing for individual customization making it unique in its approach; we think the community will love what we are building. It’s also important to mention that we have an A-team of blockchain and business apps developers now starting to build out our offering who are all devoted to creating a solid, long lasting product.

Our Investors might look at the value of Stratis differently perhaps, in terms of ROI. For them the value of Stratis is already proving itself as we have already seen a 500% increase in the price of STRAT tokens since the ICO. We truly believe this is just the tip of the iceberg not least because we have a unique, mass market offering.

Stratis came in at an awfully cheap entry, roughly $ 600k. Even though we are hovering around $ 3.5 million now, the sky is the limit. Realistically, considering the market caps of similar projects       that offer promise, a 30 million market cap is an easy target, giving you roughly a 10x return on your money. (@Papou, Stratis Investor)

You have to also consider that we are taking first movers advantage in a rapidly growing market for blockchain solutions. Word is spreading about the use cases and the savings to be made from blockchain all of which is good for our valuation. Now factor in that STRAT is cheaper than BTC or ETH which increases the comparable affordability of our solutions and we don’t have the technical challenges faced by other established platforms such as Ethereum with the DAO, HF and others. In words of one of our investors:

For investors now it can only go up from here. Stratis has potential to list itself between the top tech company names like Microsoft, IBM, Google and will be one of the most recognised blockchain names. All multi billion dollar marketcap multinational companies. (@CurrentValue, Stratis Investor)



I think one of Stratis’ most important value propositions is that of its value to prospective clients. Stratis is a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) and whilst this is a buzz word right now it’s also a tangible thing for us – it means that we are providing a full tool kit for blockchain provisioning from start to finish. Businesses will be able to work in-house to deploy blockchain apps – utilizing their own development resources and their existing business infrastructure. This means big savings for them. Stratis also gives them the ability to easily tailor a blockchain to their specific needs whether public or private, and issue their own tokens and assets classes secured by our robust technology. Businesses should save further time and money from Stratis’ lite client that is online, worldwide, 24/7 and it doesn’t require heavy computer resources. Prospective clients should also know that we have a consultancy arm to support them and providing training to in-house developers so that they can seamlessly integrate into this new technology and get the most from it.


I’ve saved the best until last though because what motivates me the most about the Stratis project is its Value to Society. It was clear to me a long time ago that blockchain had wider utility to society and that Bitcoin was just the start. Blockchains solve real world problems but because it’s such a young technology we cannot yet know all it’s use cases. But as more and more people wake up to blockchain these will start to emerge but I think Stratis is instrumental in speeding up this process. It’s greatest value is in putting Blockchain into the hands of regular developers and in so doing it enables more people to apply blockchain to their specific problems bringing use cases forward quicker and accelerating blockchains full potential to society.The Stratis platform truly helps to develop a decentralized economy and a better future.



Securing Stratis Funds.

From the desk of our CEO:

We have decided to retain the escrow services provided by Paul and Sebastian moving forward. This give us increased security and resiliency. 615 BTC have been moved to a new 2/3 multi signature address for which my key is hardware based and 200 BTC has been moved to the reserve funds account.

1G72t2tmf5HhPHPAyUgmHHHN3zqAwUJeRo  Funds Reserve

38ZJ12p5v9RpC8TWsLozwkchyevC287x56 Escrow Account

Bitcoin Transaction 77683140dd7874e87aaab5a7d1d404e5d3e4f2a7a7890f92fd6c181d791f26c3

View information about a bitcoin transaction 77683140dd7874e87aaab5a7d1d404e5d3e4f2a7a7890f92fd6c181d791f26c3

Development update.

We are moving at full speed towards the completion of the first major milestone in our Roadmap.

Our Lead Framework Developer, Nicolas Dorier, just informed us he has push new commits this week:

for info, I just pushed a big commit on if you have your own full node, you should be able to validate the full chain with the “ValidSomeBlocks” test

Our Blockchain Lead Developer, Dan Gershony reports the following tasks have been completed:

Stratis Blocks and Transaction working ok

X13 hash finished

Stratis genesis block created in c#

POS/POW validation works

Loading the blocks from file .dat works fully

Reading the blockchain on to a chained sequence from tip to genesis. Almost completed, pending solving small bug.

Next week we will be discussing these and related development events and how they impact progress in our development roadmap. Suffice is to say that we are getting very close to a release date for our full node.

Marketing update.

Our marketing activities have intensified since the launch of our first Stratis Weekly. We have had tremendous response to our campaign thanks to our media partners and the promotion we run via the TVE  network.  Just on Twitter, since the first weekly tweet on the 19th  October, we have had over 117k impressions in 7 days.


Also, our main website ( had more than 2000 new visitors in the period. Our top five is comprised by visitors from USA, UK, Netherlands, Russia and Germany.

More actions are coming as we near the imminent launch. Stay tuned!

*Thanks @freya, @krushang and @dlow for your help in getting this issue together. Also to all those that contributed their opinions for this issue.

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